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The "Industrial/Celestial" collection is rich with hand painted one-of-a-kind pieces.  Each piece is individually hand painted with silver treatment, creating a shimmery surface that captures light from above and within.  Designer Laura Mehlinger says, "I wanted this collection to feel personal and special.  Individual pieces have a certain nuance and irregularity, which I find captivating. 

"I was inspired by looking upward at the stars.  I wanted to channel the feeling of calm, awe, limitlessness, and to give the wearer a way to wrap herself in a celestial blanket.  The elegance and delicacy of a starry landscape can never of course be fully captured -- and I wanted to add the complexity of balancing that aesthetic with a rawness and hard edge.  Chemises have raw cut hems, and one group features a center front zipper against delicate mesh."

The collection's color focus is cool, with a tight palette of Black, White, Midnght, Deep Purple, Silver Moon, and pops of Cobalt.   Two groups are the pillars of the collection; the Heavens Chemise in three colors is 100% bias cut silk with asymmetrical mesh piecing at the hem, and the Unzip Me Teddy and Chemise feature center front zippers that unzip all the way to the Teddy's center back and to the Chemise's hem.  Carryover styles from Summer lighten the group with a fresh breeze.

Expanding on the brand's growth in robes, several one-of-a-kind robes are included in the group.  Mehlinger collects exotic fabric while traveling, and the first three robes feature elaborately patterned fabric bought in Thailand, as well as a whimsical lobster print fabric bought in a traditional mercantile in Hawaii, where Mehlinger has family roots.